Saab Specialist Glasgow

CSR Autos is a car repair garage based based in Rutherglen, Glasgow.

The garage is a specialist in Saab vehicles.

Saab Car Repairs

Finding the right garage to take care of your car can be an important job.  You want a garage that has the right balance of experience and new technology as well as a good reputation.  Sometimes it can be a big benefit if they are a specialist in the particular type of car that you have too.  So, if you have a Saab, then you might want a Saab specialist garage in Glasgow.

Having a garage that specialises in your type of car can be an advantage for a number of reasons.  For starters, they will be used to dealing with your particular type of car and the quirks that every manufacturer has.  They will be adept at finding the right parts of the car, both branded and unbranded, ensuring you get the best repairs at the best prices.

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that using a specialist means using a dealer.  While there is nothing wrong with the work done by dealer garages, they do tend to be the most expensive because they have to use branded Saab parts, for example.  A good specialist garage will offer a blend of both that can be cost effective while retaining the top quality of the repair work done.

As well as repairs for Saabs, CSR Autos can also offer servicing for your vehicle and full, certified MOTs.  This means we can take care of all of the problems and issues that arise with your vehicle during the year and can also sort annual checks and tests that are required and also preferred by many drivers.

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CSR Autos' services include:

» Car Servicing
» MOTs
» Diagnostics
» Tyres
» Body Repairs
» Car Parts