Land Rover Specialist Glasgow

CSR Autos is a car repair garage based based in Rutherglen, Glasgow.

The garage is a specialist in Land Rover vehicles.

Land Rover Garage

For fans of the bigger vehicles, the Land Rover is one of the most popular vehicles.  It combines that off-road ability with greater space and the ability to still look smart running around the town.  These vehicles are very well made but there are a number of common reoccurring problems that can affect them. 

Should you run into any of the common problems or even encounter one that isn’t as common, it can be reassuring to speak to a Land Rover specialist garage in Glasgow.  Here at CSR Autos, we have the experience and knowledge to work on a wide variety of cars but the Land Rover models are one of our specialities.  Whether you are looking for someone to deal with a specific problem, such as the brake problem or the fuel leak that caused a recall on some 2006 models, we can help. 

We can also help with the regular servicing of your vehicle to keep it in top condition.  Whether you use the vehicle off-road or around the city, these vehicles are tough and run well but still benefit from regular services.  We can offer a service routine that includes your regular MOT and additional services as well as an interim service during the year if you do more mileage or feel your vehicle may need it.

We also have the equipment to hunt down that elusive little problem and sort it for you.  Many of the models come with a number of complicated systems that help them run at peak performance and therefore diagnostic equipment is the best way to find the nature of the issue.  We have the equipment and experience to do this for you quickly and efficiently.

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CSR Autos' services include:

» Car Servicing
» MOTs
» Diagnostics
» Tyres
» Body Repairs
» Car Parts