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CSR Autos is a car repair garage based based in Rutherglen, Glasgow.

Full Range of Car Repairs

When something goes wrong with your car and you need someone to look at it, the last thing you want is to visit a garage who then send you somewhere else because it isn’t an area they cover.  CSR Autos are a car garage in Rutherglen who pride themselves on offering the widest range of services for their customers to enable them to solve almost any car related problem.

Finding the nature of the problem often starts with accessing the car’s ‘computer, also known as the Controller Area Network.  This is the clever system that knows when something is wrong with the car and flashes dashboard lights to warn the driver or even causes the car to stop if the problem is serious enough.  A special diagnostic tool is used to access this computer and read the fault codes it has produced.

Once the cause of the problem has been isolated, our experienced mechanics can get on with solving it.  We always aim to give our clients an idea of price as soon as possible and if the repair is going to cost more than quoted, we will get in touch to let you know the amended quote.  Unexpectedly high repairs bills are one of the biggest complaints many garages have and our simple solution of informing customers helps prevent this problem.

As well as repairs we can also handle annual servicing and MOTs as well as repairs to bodywork following a scratch or dent and even special areas such as tyres.  No matter what your problem, we can find a solution.

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CSR Autos' services include:

» Car Servicing
» MOTs
» Diagnostics
» Tyres
» Body Repairs
» Car Parts