Car Garage Cambuslang

CSR Autos is a car repair garage based based in Rutherglen, Glasgow. The company welcomes customers from Cambuslang.

Full Range of Car Repairs

Sometimes what you need from your local car garage in Cambuslang isn’t a full repair or even a diagnostic of the problem but simply help finding the right parts.  Here at CSR Autos, we are happy to source and order parts for you and make your life easier.

There are lots of places to get parts these days, especially on the internet.  The biggest problem can be ensuring that you get the right ones.  You know the make and model of your car and input the details then the website asks if it is a Mark II or a Mark IV and you are scratching your head.  Mark isn’t mentioned on the log book so what is this all about?

The simplest way to get the right parts for your car every time is to use an experienced garage.  We know what your car is and what parts are suitable for it.  And we don’t think we have to fit them – if you are confident to do the job yourself then that’s great.  We are happy to source the parts and have them delivered.

We can acquire parts for all major makes of car from Alfa Romeo through to Volkswagen and can order on a more urgent basis if you are in a hurry for the parts.  Place an order before 4pm daily and we can get next day delivery for you while the normal delivery is between two and four days, depending on where the parts are coming from.

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CSR Autos' services include:

» Car Servicing
» MOTs
» Diagnostics
» Tyres
» Body Repairs
» Car Parts