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CSR Autos is a car repair garage based based in Rutherglen, Glasgow. The compant welcomes customers from Burnside.

Full Range of Car Repairs

If you’ve ever considered buying parts for your car online, you’ll know it isn’t as simple as it seems.  Sure, some sites you can pop in your registration number and they give you a range of parts that will fit them car.  Or should, assuming it is a certain vehicle within that category of vehicles.  Or assuming it hasn’t had a different part added at some point.  Or anything else that might lead to it not being the right part at the end of the day!

Rather than chance the online parts lottery, you are more than welcome to visit CSR Autos.  We are a car garage covering Burnside and offer a parts order service for our customers.  We don’t pressure you into letting us fit the parts, although if you do decide you would prefer this, we can certainly give you a no-obligation quote.  But if you are happy doing the job yourself, we can help you get the right parts first time.

We can get parts for all the major makes of car such as Ford, Citroen and Peugeot as well as less common makes such as Lexus and Porsche.  Regardless of the parts required, we can source them from the best possible suppliers and even offer a premium next day delivery service if you order before 4pm.  This means if you are in a big hurry to get the parts, we can get them rushed through to you.

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CSR Autos' services include:

» Car Servicing
» MOTs
» Diagnostics
» Tyres
» Body Repairs
» Car Parts